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“We believe the purpose of video marketing and creative is not to just create content, but instead grow your business and increase profit.”
– Russell Nicolet, Founder
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It’s time to grow your brand with video.

Transform your marketing budget from an expense to an investment.


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Why work with Nicolet Creative?

We help growing businesses use advanced strategies and proven creative practices to establish a renewed foundation for propelled growth, taking your marketing to the next level.
Real growth goes beyond website visits, impressions, and clicks. Impactful video can help grow your business, your brand, and help the bottom line.
If if’s not good enough for us; it’s not good enough for you. We provide ideas and video marketing strategies that we not only believe in, but have tremendous success using ourselves.
We provide you with a partner who is looking for your next opportunity, and focused on helping your business reach the next level while you focus on doing what you do best.

Let us wear one of your many hats

As business owners ourselves, we understand how consuming the daily grind can become as you manage everything from your client load to office rent and utility bills. Our team will handle your video marketing (both long-term and short-term goals) while you focus on running your business.
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10 Tips for Creating Professional-Looking Videos

Creating videos will help you reach your business goals and connect with your audience. Many businesses know the benefits of videos and want to incorporate them into their marketing, but video can be intimidating. You don’t want to make videos that appear low-quality or have to pay a fortune to a large video production company.

However, producing quality videos is easier than you think. Below we share 11 tips that will help you get started and learn how to make professional videos.
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8 Key Benefits of Video Marketing

Video is no longer the medium dominated by large corporations. Video marketing has become more affordable and accessible, which means small and growing businesses can now reap the rewards.
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7 Types of Marketing Videos for Small Businesses

In 2021, video is a top performer for businesses and, consumers are watching more video than ever. You’ve probably heard from every marketer, advertiser, vendor, and online resource that you need to add video to your content roster. But it’s hard to figure out how videos can fit into the marketing strategy for your specific business. Since the idea of implementing video can be overwhelming, we are breaking it down. Below we list seven types of videos that can build brand awareness, captivate your audience, and drive conversions.
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Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

For the past decade, video has steadily grown in popularity among consumers, across platforms, and within the digital marketing world.
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Black-Owned Businesses to Support in the Twin Cities

Discover the thriving black-owned businesses serving the Twin Cities.
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14 Tips on How to Work From Home

Working from home, is it a luxury or a struggle? Either way it requires a set of strategies in order to remain productive.
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Top 3 Pros and Cons of Traditional and Digital Marketing

Marketing has become a crucial part of any business’ plan, no matter the industry. Marketing is what keeps a brand relevant to consumers and gains them an advantage against competitors in their market.
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Color Psychology: What Neutral Brand Colors Say About Your Business

Color plays a major role in how the world perceives your company. Colors have an effect on our emotions. While the effect can differ depending on an individual’s experience and the context, there are generalizations that the majority of people and color psychology studies recognize.
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10 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2020

Super Bowl Sunday, a day full of football, food, family, friends, and fierce competition between the ads. This year 30 second commercial spots cost around $5.6 million.
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