Advantages of Video Marketing/ Video Marketing Benefits

Having videos on your company website and social media can look slick, sophisticated, and modern, but video marketing is about so much more than looks. There are real benefits to engaging in a well-designed video marketing campaign, and companies that do so can enjoy many advantages over the competition.

Having videos on your company website and social media can look slick, sophisticated, and modern, but video marketing is about so much more than looks. There are real benefits to engaging in a well-designed video marketing campaign, and companies that do so can enjoy many advantages over the competition.

If you want to learn more about video marketing and your options, reach out to our marketing team at Nicolet Creative. We are skilled professionals who become an extension of your team—always finding the best solutions to help you grow your business!

While the benefits of video marketing are far-reaching, the following are only some reasons why you should consider this type of campaign for your business.

Videos Can Be More Attractive and Influential

If you have a choice between reading a long page of text or watching a short video explaining the same information, which would you choose? Videos are a rich, tech-savvy, and visual way to convey your message, and they correlate with the ever-decreasing attention spans of consumers. Many website visitors are far more likely to watch a video than reading text, so why not give them what they want?


  • The large majority—90 percent—of consumers reported that they based one or more of their purchasing decisions on a video they watched.
  • 64 percent of people surveyed said that being able to watch a video on a product increases the chances that they will buy it.
  • 97 percent of marketers claimed that videos help to improve a viewer’s understanding of a particular product or service.
  • 75 percent of business executives who make key purchasing decisions watch videos every week, and 54 percent of senior-level execs state they share videos with others regularly. 59 percent of surveyed executives stated that given a choice, they would choose video over text regarding the same topic.
  • 72 percent of consumers claimed they would choose to watch a video over reading text about a product, as well.

There is a reason why video marketing is trending in the content world—it is simply what people want more than reading information. A video can enhance web pages, email communications, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, and much more. With a medium this versatile and popular, why wouldn’t you start your video marketing campaign?

Grow Your Brand and Increase Revenue

People who engage in well-crafted video marketing campaigns report that their company’s revenue grew 49 percent faster each year than companies that do not use video as part of their marketing strategy. There are different reasons why video is so successful in increasing profits and consumer base.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

One of the main goals of web marketing is to improve your search engine result pages (SERPs).

Video can help with these rankings in different ways, such as:

  • Video can be more compelling and can draw more visitors to your site, especially through social media shares or email content that includes video content.
  • If people choose to watch a video, they will spend more time on a particular page, which is a key factor in rankings. A page visitor spends about 88 percent longer on a page that has a video on it.
  • Search engines reward video content due to its popularity and creation of a positive user experience.
  • Websites effectively using video marketing had a 53-times higher chance of being on the first page of Google results than sites without video content.
  • 55 percent of search engine results for keywords in the United States include at least one—if not more—video.

By increasing your rankings, you increase the chances that internet searchers will click on your site and learn more about your brand. The more traffic you get, the more possible customer conversions you likely get.

To get the most benefit from your video content when it comes to SERPs, it is critical to properly design and optimize your videos for search engines.

This involves:

  • Selecting the right platform for your video
  • Creating a thumbnail that is engaging and draws attention
  • Posting the video on a relevant page that is SEO optimized
  • Including attention-getting descriptions and titles
  • Inserting links in your videos if you are uploading to YouTube or another platform

The scripts of your videos are also important. Artificial intelligence (AI) can transcribe the audio of a video, and search engines refer to these transcriptions to determine which videos are relevant to which searches.

Much effort goes into the SEO optimization process for videos, and that is why you want a team of video marketing professionals handling your campaign. You can keep focusing your attention on your business while we ensure you get the most out of your video marketing efforts. Let us do the work, and your company can reap the benefits.

Reach a Wider Audience

It is well-known in the digital marketing world that more and more people are watching videos. YouTube has the second-most searches on the internet, behind only Google, and almost two billion people use YouTube video services every month. This is a giant audience that is ready and waiting to watch videos!

With this size of a video-watching market, you have a large pool from which you can hope to gain an audience and potential customers. While people ages 18 to 34 watch the most videos, the older audience is increasingly tuning in to videos online. Do not assume that because your target market is older that you should not try a video marketing campaign.

Videos in Emails

You do not have to simply post videos on your website and hope that people visit your site and watch. Instead, consider including videos in email communications. Research shows that people are 19 percent more likely to open an email that has the word “video” in the subject line and 65 percent more likely to click through based on a video in an email. Overall, this is a powerful tactic to boost your email marketing efforts.

Social Media Videos

You can make new videos specifically for social media shares, or you can repurpose videos that already exist on your website. Once you post these, not only can people watch them from social media platforms, but they can also share them with their own networks. Trends indicate that video posts on social media lead to 1,200 percent more shares than posts with only images and text. You aren’t only reaching your immediate followers, but potentially all of their followers as well. This is invaluable when it comes to reaching a wider audience that could convert into customers!

Improve Customer Relationships

Video marketing sends messages to both your new and loyal customers that can increase trust in your brand. When you post a video, you are providing a connection straight from your company’s representative to the viewer, which is significantly more personable than a page of text.

Videos seem more engaging and holistic than web copy and show a more human and relatable side to your brand. You want your videos to be down-to-earth and approachable, so you can build a sense of trust with your audience. You do not only have to sell, sell, sell—you can use this medium to educate your customers and demonstrate authority, as well.

Videos can also give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business (as you curate it, of course). By seeing employees and a more human side of your company, customers might feel a greater sense of loyalty and continue giving you business.

Additionally, consumers want to know that you are on top of trends in your industry and providing a cutting-edge product. Updating your marketing with videos shows that your company prioritizes keeping up with the times and trends, and it makes your marketing campaign appear more relevant in modern times.

As discussed above, when customers watch a video, they are simply more likely to follow up with a purchase. When comparing products or making other purchasing decisions, many people turn to YouTube to search for relevant videos. If you post video product reviews on YouTube, you can give potential customers greater insight into your offering, which often turns them into ACTUAL customers.

You can also give potential customers more information about a product by posting videos on your individual product pages. The large majority of consumers say that having direct access to a product demo or related video is helpful and helps them make their decisions.

You can also consider partnering with influencers, who are the newest and fastest-growing channel for acquiring new customers. You get a product review and a wider audience that might see the videos. This is just another option to get a serious ROI on your video marketing efforts.

Video Marketing Is Flexible

There is no one-size-fits-all video marketing campaign, and there are many different options for your company to pursue. Moreover, video marketing is flexible enough so you can fit this strategy right into your existing digital marketing campaign.

For instance:

  • How-to posts on social media can turn into how-to videos, which are more engaging
  • Weekly blogs can have a video component added
  • You can use your existing copy on your product pages and supplement it by adding a video

It takes very few adjustments to add video into your overall marketing strategy.

Furthermore, you have many options besides conventional videos to keep things exciting for your customers.

You can use:

  • Testimonials and product reviews
  • How-to and product demos
  • Brand videos
  • Promotional and giveaway videos
  • Q&A videos

You also have even more options for social media videos. Instagram and Facebook both allow you to post videos to your “stories,” which are quick snippets of information that leave the audience wanting more. You can utilize filters and graphics to make these videos more entertaining and engaging.

You can also use the live video feature to stream videos in real time, and then they can remain on your social media page. This feature is gaining popularity, and if you can make high-quality videos live, you can attract more people to watch. Your followers will receive notifications that your video is live, which increases the chances they will tune in. Viewers can comment and ask questions in real time, which creates an engaging conversation and experience for everyone involved.

Another option is virtual reality (VR) videos, which create a more immersive experience for viewers. You can also add a 360-degree element to video, which creates a similarly immersive experience as VR without the need for headgear. This high-tech video production can impress even your most tech-savvy customers and site visitors.

Get Started With Your Video Marketing Campaign

While you benefit from many options for video marketing, this leads to the question—where do you even start? The good news is that you do not have to learn everything there is to know about this marketing strategy and implement your campaign on your own. This is where our video marketing professionals come in!

We get to know you and your business and help to determine what video marketing strategy is right for you to grow your brand. We help with every aspect of your campaign from start to finish, which prevents your attention from drifting from your operations and maintaining quality.

Learn About Your Video Marketing Options Today

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