How to Make Professional Videos

Videos are a highly effective way to gain exposure for your brand and connect with prospective customers, as the popularity of streaming video services is huge and growing. Whether you opt for short-format videos for streaming services or long-format short films to air and promote online or on your site, you must incorporate your brand […]

Videos are a highly effective way to gain exposure for your brand and connect with prospective customers, as the popularity of streaming video services is huge and growing. Whether you opt for short-format videos for streaming services or long-format short films to air and promote online or on your site, you must incorporate your brand identity into the visuals and your brand goals into the content.

The marketing professionals at Nicolet Creative are here to answer any questions you might have about video production and can produce the videos of your dreams with our full-service boutique agency.

Professional Doesn’t Necessarily Mean High Budget

When you think of professional videos, you might think of drone cameras and elaborate set design with period-specific costumes made bespoke for the scene by old-world tailors. This is not the case with modern video production, and intentionally low-budget videos can be perceived as just as professional as the highest budget productions.

Look at the popularity of the television series The Eric Andre Show or Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, each of which is wonderfully low budget and poorly produced, but intentionally so. The shows are on major commercial networks and have made their stars rich and famous. What makes them a hit is their style, execution, and communication of a brand identity—all of which you can use to great profit for your business.

Professional videos can be shot on the shoddy old equipment to produce an aged effect, and when executed with style and intent, can help to build your brand just as well as a Steven Spielberg-level production complete with CGI and dinosaurs. Are you selling a new grip-tape for skateboards with a unique pattern? Why not use video cameras from the 1980s, with modern graphic overlays, to communicate that your brand is not only old school but also has new high-tech elements?

There are no rules when it comes to video production, and you can construct the identity that you see for your brand through the capable hands of experienced marketing and advertising agencies with talented art directors, videographers, and writers.

Center Your Brand Identity Within Your Videos

Whether or not your videos begin with your brand name and product names splashed across the screen like film titles – or the company is never communicated directly at all – will depend upon the style you are going for and the receptiveness of your brand audience. Having a cast of actors wearing your clothing brand with the name here and there on labels might work for streaming ads that will likely air on full-size televisions in potential customers’ living rooms, but it will not necessarily work for ads that will stream on smartphones.

Maximizing the exposure of your brand will depend upon how well you frame its identity within your videos and presenting it in the proper format for the ad. Knowing when to insert logos and brand names—and when to allow your products to speak for themselves—is something Nicolet Creative has acquired through production experience. Nicolet Creative is here to advise you on how to get started and can produce whatever ads your branding might require.

Provide the Viewer With an Experience of Some Form of Value

There are endless videos and commercials that people see every day, and unless you have the capital to ensure ongoing exposure to your brand by bombarding your consumer market with ads like Subway, giving your content some uniqueness will help the consumer remember it.

Remember the last Gillette commercial you saw? Not likely. Remember the last Old Spice commercial you saw? Maybe, and if not, at least they are more entertaining and make you think positively of the brand. Understanding who your consumer is helps to provide a foundation in your content that they will relate with, as we’ll cover in the next section.

Know Your Consumer to Provide Them With Interesting Content

Knowing who your consumer is, and what makes them interested or entertained, will help to support the effectiveness of your marketing. Consumer demographic information informs the consumer targeting efforts that you incorporate into your ads and related videos. You can best apply this information to help your brand using experienced marketing professionals who already apply it to other brands and can help you replicate similar success.

The professionals at Nicolet Creative have helped many brands connect their business goals with a consumer market through targeted marketing campaigns, and we can do the same for you.

Purpose Your Video Marketing for Its Intended Outcome

Establish your video marketing goal at the outset, whether it encourages viewers to click on a product link at the end, highlight and generate interest in a new product, or simply generate exposure for your brand. Establishing the purpose of your videos and incorporating that into their production will help to ensure that they function as you intend and create the best possible connection with the consumer.

Brand recognition is a natural outcome of marketing, although encouraging consumers effectively to convert into potential customers by joining marketing lists or taking advantage of introductory sales requires an informed marketing strategy. This is where professional marketing agencies provide value to your business, as their core competency is helping you to market your brand while you focus on growing it.

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When it comes to marketing video production in the modern market, the choices might seem endless. Whether to use TikTok-style short videos, longer shorts more like InstaStories, or to employ traditional commercial-based videos will depend on your goals and the consumer market you plan to target.

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