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Nicolet Creative: Next level video for business


At Nicolet Creative we care too much about our clients and our reputation to take short cuts. We create and produce high quality video that makes an impact for your brand.

MEET Kjersten

As an Account Executive at Nicolet Creative, Kjersten works with our clients to develop a sound video marketing strategy. Contact Kjersten to schedule an initial consultation and let the Nicolet Creative team put their experience to work for your business.


As Director of Video Production, Jon manages everything video related from conceptualization to post production. His expertise ranges from social media video marketing to TV commercial productions.

We offer marketing services that we strongly believe in because we have used them and continue to use them to grow our own business. Our team will begin by establishing your business brand, voice, and general marketing presence before implementing strategies based on your specific market, audience, and goals. This will create a strong foundation that allows your marketing approach to grow with your company.

Short-term marketing services for fast growth

  • Organic and paid social video marketing
  • One-time video production for promotions, specific events, or openings

Long-term services for sustained growth and longevity

  • Establishing your company’s branding
  • Developing your company’s voice
  • Long-term video strategy
  • Identifying additional media opportunities

Data driven

“You don’t have to take our word for it, data doesn’t lie. We have confidence in our services and will always be looking for opportunities to improve and grow. Our team will educate you on the tools we’re using and make sure you understand how to read your analytics so you can hold us accountable as your marketing partner.”