Video Marketing Services


Video Marketing Services

At Nicolet Creative, we see firsthand the power of video marketing for your business. Creating videos for your business not only informs visitors to your website about important topics to your company but also grows your client base and increases your bottom line. With a budget for video marketing, your overall marketing campaign can become a major investment instead of merely an expense.

If you are interested in growing and promoting your brand through video marketing, contact Nicolet Creative for more information today.

We take marketing campaigns to the next level through video, and we use advanced marketing strategies to ensure the right video content is on your website. We use creative practices with a proven track record of success to propel the growth of your business beyond your current marketing efforts.

When you want your business to grow, it takes more than clicks on your website and visits from potential customers. You can provide powerful content through video that helps visitors get the best possible idea of what your business and brand provide.

We have the highest standards for our video marketing strategies, and we would never provide you with ideas or pitch videos that we would not believe in ourselves. We have experienced extensive success with video marketing, and we can use the same strategies for your company.

Part of Your Marketing Team

At Nicolet Creative, we do not view ourselves as marketing professionals for hire. Instead, we create true and meaningful partnerships with our clients that allow you to focus on operations while we focus on your marketing plan. We know business owners wear many hats, and we are happy to wear this one for you!

If you want to extend your team to include dedicated video marketing professionals, reach out to us today.


Types of Videos in Marketing Campaigns

Not all videos are created equal, and there are different videos with different purposes that can benefit your marketing strategy. The following are only some examples of videos we help to create for our small business clients.


Brand Videos

These videos tell the story of your business and your team, which can set you apart from the competition that might seem impersonal. Use these videos to connect on a deeper level with viewers, so they begin to see your company as more than just a name and advertisement. Consumers want to trust your brand and mission, and you can use brand videos to communicate such messages on your social media pages, homepage, or about us page. These videos tend to be longer and more in-depth than others.

Explainer Videos

These videos give viewers an introduction to your offerings - think of these as your quick “elevator pitch.” You want to simply explain what you offer and why it can benefit consumers. Such videos might go on your homepage, individual product or service pages, or social media.

You are not giving a complete demo of your product or service, but you are stating enough to pique the viewer’s interests so they want to learn more. For this reason, these are often shorter than other types of videos.

Question and Answer Videos

So many people use the internet to seek out answers to frequently asked questions, and providing answers in clear video format can establish you as a leader in the industry and help gain the trust of consumers. You can place such videos on blogs, social media posts, or FAQ pages if you have them. Some Q&A videos can be part of a larger series so you can answer questions about various aspects of your offerings.

These videos set you apart as an authority and give valuable information that viewers are looking for. This builds trust in your brand and shows you are current on all industry trends. These videos also can stay relevant for longer, so you do not need to remove them from your website as soon as other timely videos.

Product Demonstrations

What better way to get someone to trust and gain interest in your product than to demo it right before their eyes in a video? These demos should portray the benefits and exceptional features of your product, and educate viewers on why your product stands apart from the competition.

When you place these videos on your product pages or blogs, it increases the time that a visitor watching will be on your page, so it can improve overall page performance. You can also po0st these videos on social media to get viewers to click through to your site once they are interested in a particular product.

Promotional Videos

These videos let viewers know what new and exciting things are happening with your company. They can announce product launches, open houses, sales, webinars, and other events, and these videos should stir excitement in viewers about taking part in special promotions. You can provide specific details regarding times, registration, and more so people can plan to participate.

These videos are best placed in online ads or social media since they are time-sensitive. Then, viewers can click through to your site and increase traffic and performance. You can also create teaser videos to use to lead up to the big announcement and build excitement and anticipation.

Contest and Giveaway Videos

If your business is planning a contest or giveaway, you should make a video to advertise it. These events are important to establish relationships with other quality brands, which builds confidence in your brand, as well. It also increases engagement with your target audience as they look forward to participating.

Videos about contests or giveaways should feature the prizes or benefits involved, as well as the partnering businesses and brands. When you post these to social media, it can be easy for viewers to share the videos with others, spreading awareness of not only the event but also your brand in general. Once there is a winner, don’t forget to make a video to announce it!

Testimonial Videos

Consumers have seemingly endless options, and they regularly rely on word of mouth to make their everyday product and service choices. Don’t wait for people to hear about your offering from their family and friends - instead, post videos of testimonials for them to see with their own eyes!

Testimonial videos can go right on your homepage, product pages, social media, and more. Ask your loyal clients if they would be willing to discuss why they like your brand so much, and how your business helped to solve their problems. Hearing this information right from the source can be compelling content to have.

Benefits of Video Marketing Campaigns

Having a well-designed and created video marketing campaign used to cost companies tons of money and time, so mostly large corporations used it. With so many advancements in video that require fewer resources, small businesses can now afford to step foot into the video marketing realm and reap the many benefits. This helps smaller brands compete with the big fish in the pond and connect with more consumers. These are only some of the many benefits of a well-crafted video marketing campaign.

SEO Benefits

Let’s be honest - internet marketing is about website ranking and SEO at heart. Search engines watch for content on your website that provides useful information and increases the user experience while visiting your website. When video marketing clearly conveys interesting information, search engines often reward it on your website with higher rankings.

Not only do videos drive traffic to your site, but visitors remain on the pages longer to watch the content. This all works to increase your ranking and SERPS, as well as present an increased opportunity for backlinks.

Showcasing Your Business and Offerings

When people visit your site, are they really hanging around long enough to get a good idea of your brand and products or services? People are busy, and pages of text can seem daunting and time-consuming, so many visitors might skip right over all the best information. When you make a video, it is more engaging and less work for the consumer to watch. They see actual representatives of your company and not just words on a page.

You get to tell your story about your brand and its culture, and viewers will be able to see your enthusiasm and dedication. This is not regularly conveyed through print content. The result can be website visitors who have a greater understanding of your brand and greater interest in your product or service.

Increasing Shares

When you post videos on your social media, there is a greater chance that viewers will share them, expanding your online reach. You can make videos specifically for social media purposes, or you can even post videos that you already have on your website to increase viewership. When people share your videos, they are also spreading awareness of your brand for you, and this is a marketing benefit that you cannot deny!

Why Video Marketing Works

We could spend hours discussing the benefits of video marketing because the reality is that video marketing simply works for growing businesses.

Videos get people to buy your product.

According to research, 94 percent of consumers reported that they liked to watch videos explaining a product before they purchased it. If you do not have a video on your site, you might be losing out on all those customers! 84 percent of consumers reported that a marketing video was the thing that convinced them to choose a particular product or service. With this type of influencing power, you cannot afford to NOT have videos on your website.

Videos convert web visitors into customers.

Conversion of web visitors into customers is the ultimate goal of marketing, and video marketing helps to achieve that goal. Marketing statistics show that placing videos on landing pages can increase your conversion rates by at least 80 percent, and nearly 80 percent of businesses state that a successful video marketing campaign increased their profits.

You cannot deny these numbers, so stop leaving potential customers as just that. Instead, work with our team to learn about how video marketing can improve conversion and your bottom line.

Other important results from video marketing.

Marketing researchers discovered many other benefits of video marketing, such as:

Stand up to Your Competitors With Video Marketing

In recent decades, the attention span of the average person has decreased, meaning someone is less likely to remain on a webpage if the content is not compelling. The good news is people tend to love videos, and videos hold attention better than text. Videos are quickly becoming the preferred messaging medium for consumers, so your company should give consumers what they love most!

Video marketing is also relatively new, and many companies have not yet caught on to the trend or made the leap. This means that your business might have an automatic competitive edge over others in your market if you are the first one to take the plunge into a video marketing campaign. If your competition already uses video marketing, you want to make sure that your videos hold up to theirs, and that they are well thought-out, well-designed, and properly produced.

Further, with decreasing video production costs, your bottom line will not suffer if you adjust your marketing campaign to include video.

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The benefits of video marketing are many and they speak for themselves as you watch your brand and customer base grow. If you are ready to connect with your customers and potential customers on a more personal - and successful - level, do not wait to contact Nicolet Creative to discuss a video marketing campaign.

Let our team help you achieve your objectives and promote your business in the best possible way. Contact us to learn more about our video marketing services today!


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